Happy Friday

I’m an ESFJ. Which I guess means I am destined to make kind of ok $$? Check out your projected income by Meyer’s Briggs personality type.
While people tend to associate beer with football and frat bro’s, it’s was actually a beverage historically brewed by women. Check out how the craft brew industry is making this beverage come full circle and back into the hands of ladies.
There are actually dating books out there called Why Men Love Bitches (?!?!). But apparently, the creator of Bridget Jones thinks it’s true that women who have meaner online dating profiles get more love.
I have always loved comics and action hero movies. So, I am thrilled to see that Marvel is striving to make it’s superheroes more relateable to a more diverse crowd with a Muslim teen character. And here’s a history of black super heroes while we’re at it.
You know you get a little ego boost every time you get the notification that someone liked your photo. Here’s how to tweak your posts so you get even more little hearts.
Looking for happiness? Here’s how to be truly happy – part 1 and part 2.

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