Feeling Blocked? Take a Quick Break

inspirationI’m a big believer in stepping away from projects when they become too frustrating. When I am writing, and I hit a wall, I tend to take a quick break to look at some cute animals, or play a round of candy crush then go back to it with fresh eyes. It’s been proven that adorable little furry things can make you more productive, but now scientists are saying that little distractions in your day can help you be more creative. This phenomenon is exactly why some of the best ideas and solutions pop into your head when you’re doing something totally unrelated to your problem, like washing your hair or getting a drink of water. The little distraction gives you a “creative incubation period” that lets your mind work freely when you’re disengaged and not focused on a solution that’s not really working.

So there you have it, an excuse to pop out for a quick walk around the block. Inspiration might strike when you least expect it.

One thought on “Feeling Blocked? Take a Quick Break

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