Like Netflix for Books

oysterI am still an old-fashioned book reader. While I am enticed by the lightness of a Kindle when I am lugging a 500+ pager around in my purse, I am too worried I would crush an e-reader in my bag to make the investment, and I enjoy physical books. However, after the initial investment, the Kindle can be a money-saver for a frequent reader. E-books are typically $5 or so less than the physical book, and you get the bonus of instant gratification without making a trip to the book store. And now, for voracious readers there’s an even more economical option that is designed for iPhones and iPod touch without the e-reader investment: Oyster.

It’s a new service that is similar to Netflix, but for books. Readers join the service via subscription (to the tune of $9.95 a month), and then get unlimited access to 100,000 books. There are editorial staff recommendation, and like Netflix, it will use data gathered from titles you read to create suggestions for the next item to pick up, and like the instant queue, you can create a reading list of what you’re read/want to read next.  Then you can follow your friends to keep up on what they’re reading to inform your choices. Another bonus? If you’re reading the 50 Shades Triology and don’t want anyone to know about it you can use privacy mode to hide your selections. Or, if you’re looking for a specific chapter or recipe from a book, you don’t have to spring for the whole shebang. Check it out here, and with what I’m guessing they are going for with their brand name, the reading world is your Oyster.

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