Uncommon Goods to Start Your Holiday Shopping


I don’t know about you, but I have 100% transitioned into Christmas mode. It is past Halloween, and close enough to Thanksgiving that I’m not that mad at my local drugstore for filling the seasonal aisle with Santas. I may have started throwing a Christmas song or two into the mix on my iPod. I have definitely started brainstorming gift ideas for those who are difficult to buy for, and have already crossed a few people off my shopping list. Yet there are always a couple people who stump me.

Then I got home last night, and there was a catalog from Uncommon Goods in my mailbox. I enjoy catalogs more than the average person (chalk it up to my love of magazines), but this one had some really great stuff. It wasn’t the chintzy items typical of any holiday catalog, but things I could see people in my life really enjoying because as their slogan says they specialize in unique gifts and creative design.

My favorites:

What are yours?

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