Feeling Blue? Have an Emergency Compliment

We all have those days, when regardless of how many times we touch up our makeup, or the sparkly jewelry we pair with our outfit, we still feel a little meh. Sometimes you just need a few kind words from someone (anyone) to pick up your day, and make you feel better. Or, in this case, a website. Emergency Compliment will fill that hole in your self-confidence when your co-workers aren’t being as forthcoming as usual with how fabulous you look.

Feeling blue? Head on over to this site. You will get funny little affirmations like, “Mensa would only BE so lucky,” or “People at trivia night are terrified of you,” that are bound to lift your spirits and give you a laugh on the most insecure of days. And if the first one doesn’t do it? Just click I still feel crappy for a stream of endless compliments until you find one that tickles your fancy.

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