Forgetting Things at the Grocery Store

It’s Tuesday evening, and you’ve made a plan to eat healthy all week. You meal planned like a pro, and made a grocery list of every little item you needed for a delicious grilled chicken taco salad. I’m talking black olives, low fat sour cream, jalapenos, the works. You get home with your bounty just as it starts to pour down rain. WIN. Then you unpack your groceries, and holy shit how did you do it? You forgot to purchase the salad dressing. Now you’re starving, it’s raining, and dry lettuce just plain sucks.

You could flop down on the couch and pout until you starve to death. OR you can deal with it. Here’s how.

Grab the ketchup and the mayo in your fridge. Mix those two together. Tadaa, poor man’s thousand island dressing. Douse that salad with hot sauce, salt + pepper, and olive oil. Toss together and it’s a delicious spicy dressing.

Don’t have any of those things? Then go back to the grocery store and buy some basics!

You can also try mixing the salad toppings together in a bowl, and use the lettuce leaves as “lettuce wraps” to take the place of taco shells or bread. Order up some Fresh Direct because lets be serious, there’s always something else you forgot. Use  to enter in the ingredients you have in your pantry and come out with only recipes matching the ingredients you do have. Consider inviting your bestie/boyfriend/friend over for dinner. When they offer to bring wine, ask them to pick up the dressing on the way over.

Or, if you’ve had a really rough day, cut yourself a little slack and order delivery. That lettuce will be good tomorrow when you stop and buy the dressing on your way home from work.

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