Leggings: Still Not Pants


I have had a long standing problem with people wearing leggings as pants (check it out here and here). I always give my friends a hard time about it, so they really enjoyed making fun of me when I made one teeny tiny exception this year for the awesome sweater leggings I found at Target because they were thick like pants and I loved them. Sorry I’m not sorry.

But most of the time? Leggings are too sheer, and should paired with a long tee or dress that covers the majority of the butt area. They are designed to be worn under things because they’re just a bit too revealing otherwise. Now a Vermont school agrees with me, as the newscaster reports, “Leggings, those stretchy pants also known as spandex, are banned.” But it’s not just any leggings, a local agreed that leggings underneath something else may be passable, but without a cover up, they show too much. It’s not the leggings they have a problem with, just leggings as pants.