Desk with a View = Better Sleep and More Movement



Another reason to get outta that cube farm! A study presented by the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (I read about it on The Scoop) found that people who worked near windows are more active during the day, and get better sleep at night.  People who had more light exposure slept up to 46 minutes more on average each night than those who didn’t get any sun. And, they moved their bodies 4 times more than those confined to an office with no windows. If you can’t score a corner office, no need to give up your current gig. Just make it a point to get outside on your lunch break to eat, or take a spin around the block to sleep and feel better!

1 Thing to Be Happy About


Spring weather is finally here (in NYC at least)! We’re looking forward to unseasonably warm temperatures all week, and I have officially broken out my sundresses, sandals and toe ring for the season. Fingers crossed it stays this beautiful through summer!!

Because doesn’t a warm, sunny day just improve your whole outlook on life?