An Excuse to Crank Your AC


With the summer heat wave sticking around NYC, no one needed to tell me to put my air conditioning on before bed. However, now I have an excuse to blast the temperatures even cooler. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health Clinical Center (that I read about on Women’s Health The Scoop) found that sleeping in a colder room (to the tune of 66 degrees) burned more calories while they slept than those who slept in a 75 degree room. Researchers suspect that the extra 7% of calories torched in the cold room sleepers were the body’s effort to keep internal temps at 98.6 degrees. This could lead to an extra 100 calories burned after 24 hours of sleep, the little extra leeway you might need in the season of ice cream sundaes and barbecues.

Janice’s Summer Guide 2013

summerI still remember the first summer I had to spend in NYC after college. I felt deprived of my mom’s backyard pool, the 5 lakes surrounding the area I grew up in, my canoe! Coincidentally, I was also somewhat broke. So, I took Vanity Fair’s summer guide, and decided to make it the best, cheapest summer ever by going to as many of the things in it I could fit in/twist people’s arms into going to with me. Since then, it has become somewhat of a tradition. I sift through the free movies in the park, outdoor concerts, and new restaurants/bars and send out a list of events I would like to attend to all my friends. Then I put them on my google calendar, and make that summer fun happen. This year, Vanity Fair is slacking off, and hasn’t put out a summer guide, so I made my own!

Free (mostly) and Outdoor Concerts

Free Outdoor Movies

Other Fun Things to Do Outside

New Places to Try Out

Old Outdoor Favorites

And if you’re still looking for something to do? Make sangria and bring it along to a park with a picnic. Head on over to Coney Island and check out Luna Park’s new rides. Go to the beach! Many are walkable from public transit. Check out an exhibit at the Met and go for a cocktail on the roof.