What I’m Listening To


I was never really one to listen to podcasts. My friends would talk about how much then enjoyed them, and I just…well, couldn’t really get into them. Then Serial came along, and like the rest of the world, I was hooked after my first episode. In between airings, I suddenly NEEDED something to occupy my listening time besides music. I was also doubling the distance I ran, and wanted a little more engaging entertainment than just workout playlists to get me through the long runs.

Much like when I first got my iPhone and I asked everyone I met which apps they had, I started quizzing friends, strangers, coworkers about what podcasts they listened to. After some trial and error, I had built up a fairly solid lineup for myself. And here are the ones I subscribe to:

If you haven’t start to already, get out there and start listening. I can’t recommend these highly enough.