Hilarious Blog Alert

Your mid-to-late 20’s are a weird time in a gal’s life. It’s when you still feel like you really just graduated college, but strangely enough you and all the people around you are starting to do really adult things.

Fully support themselves with no help from mom and dad! Buy and care for pets! Purchase homes and cars! Get engaged and hitched! Have babies! They’re all wonderful experiences in the journey of “growing up,” but it’s an odd period of I feel old, but really really young at the same time.

People always say that weddings and babies are a domino effect. One person walks down the aisle and suddenly 12 of her closest friends are doing it too. I can vouch for this. I attended 8 weddings last year. A friend of mine attended 9 this year. I can honestly say I am truly happy for all my friends and family and honored that they wanted me to be a part of their celebrations of love.

But sometimes? That business can be exhausting, and expensive, and wear down even the most loving and loyal friend. Enter this hilarious blog. Just when you’re ready to poke your eyes out after hand gluing individual sequins to that last bachelorette party invitation , here’s a little comic relief.

And for all my married friends let’s just laugh about the ridiculousness of growing up. Check it out here: http://myfriendsaremarried.tumblr.com/