Dry Shampoo’s Perfect Partner: Dry Conditioner

dry conditioner


I’ve been using dry shampoo off and on ever since I discovered it’s water-free, clean hair wonders when I went to Bonnaroo Music Festival back in 2009. My favorite is Klorane, and I sometimes even spritz it onto clean hair to pump up the volume of my very fine strands. It’s great for a hair refresher on lazy mornings when I just don’t feel like having to wash and re-style before brunch, however, using dry shampoo on the regular wasn’t really an option for my highlighted hair that tends to get a little dry on the ends- until now, that is.

In response to the popularity of dry shampoo, hair care manufacturers have debuted dry conditioner, the perfect counterpart for dry shampoo in the lazy girl’s hair arsenal. It forms oils and nutrients into a spray on powder-aerosol that gives you the same benefits of a leave-in conditioner without having to jump in the shower first. Dry shampoo is intended to soak up oil at the roots (and provide a nice fresh hair scent to avoid that icky dirty scalp smell). Dry conditioner is designed to be sprayed onto the frazzled ends. And, just like I use my dry shampoo as a volumizing styling tool, dry conditioner can be used to finish a style or add texture. Go pick up a bottle today (Julep recommends Nick Chavez, Haute Mess, Got2B Rockin’ It, Percy & Reed and Suave Professionals), and enjoy those 45 extra minutes of sleep tomorrow.

Give Your Fine Hair Loads of Volume


For every curly haired gal longing for straight, smooth locks there’s a girl with superfine hair that doesn’t require a keratin treatment to dry pin straight. Call it grass-is-greener syndrome, but we always seem to want what we can’t have in the hair department. Or, as I like to tell myself, we just like variety. If it’s curly we like to wear it straight. Or in this case, if it’s ultra-thin, naturally we covet the bombshell hair you see all over Victoria’s Secret runways. To get it, you can try teasing the under layers of your hair to give it a little extra boost (a technique best used with strategic bobby pinning), spraying hairspray on your fingers then massaging your roots, or a healthy spritz of dry shampoo to plump up locks. I’ve tried all three, and they definitely work. OR you can try this handy gif from The Cut that will show you step-by-step how to use those velcro rollers you have sitting in the back of your closet. 6 easy steps from flat to fab!