Girl Meets World

girl meets worldThere’s a new show that you will probably be ashamed to admit in public in on your DVR. But don’t worry, you’ve got until 2014 to become ok with it. For all of you who grew up watching Boy Meets World on TGIF, get excited. Disney signed a new series into production called Girl Meets World. It will catalogue the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley as she enters 7th grade  (hello awkward phase!). She’s all set to have the best middle school experience ever with her hand sidekick/best friend, Maya, but then Cory (her dad) is her history teacher, and Topanga (her mom) owns a place where everyone hangs out after school. What could be more embarrassing than your parents when you’re in middle school? While we’ve got a while to wait, I know I will be tuning in to watch.