Skip the Poolside Margarita to Save Your Skin


If a margarita, bloody mary, or lemon drop is your favorite pool side drink, you may want to reconsider your choice to save your skin. The juice of certain fruits (limes, lemons and celery in particular) contains chemicals that react with the sun, and can cause phytophotodermatitis, or sun induced chemical burns when present on your skin. Using lemon juice to lighten your hair, or drinking cocktails with these garnishes can put you at risk. If you notice redness, hyperpigmentation, or blistering, try hydrocortisone cream to reduce irritation, or see your doctor for a skin tone evener. Or, more simply, just avoid fruits and herbs containing these chemicals that are also found in parsley, parsnips and dill. Swap out your margarita for a daiquiri, and be sure to wash your hands/skin with soap and water after handling any garnishes to eliminate any residue on your skin.

Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails from Thrillist


As some of you may recall, I have a thing for Samoas (and girl scout cookies in general). I talked about how to make your own healthy samoas here, and my FAVORITE samoa ice cream here.  Blame it on my many years spent peddling the wares myself, or the fact that they’re seasonal so it always makes me want to snap up a few boxes before they’re gone.

Now Thrillist has gone and made my day with Girl Scout cookie inspired cocktail recipes! Finally, I no longer have to rely on my one favorite bartenders at Brother Jimmy’s to make me thin mint shots whenever I get the craving. Now I can make them all myself. And you can too! All I know is that I will be gathering up all my girlfriends, and perhaps a selection of my favorite rom coms to make ALL of these ASAP (right after my little cousin delivers my cookies!).

The Samoa by Kevin Diedrich, Jasper’s Corner Tap, San Francisco

How to make it: Measure out 2oz bourbon. Drink it. Nicely done! Okay, now measure out 2oz more of bourbon, plus 1oz cream, 1/2oz creme de cacao, 1/2oz egg white, and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Shake it all w/ ice, then top with the namesake cookie and shredded coconut (toasting coconut with flame torchy thingy optional).

The Tagalong by David Alan, Bar Consultant/Author, Austin
How to make it: Take 2oz rum, 3/4oz peanut rum creme, 1/4oz vanilla creme de cacao, and 2 dashes of mole bitters, shake it all vigorously with ice and strain it into a coupe. Now garnish with a mini-spoon scoop of peanut butter. Whatever you do, don’t Skippy that step.

The Thin Mint by Justin Fairweather, Evelyn Drinkery, New York
How to make it: Procure 1oz London dry gin, 3/4oz creme de menthe, 1oz creme de cacao, 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, a handful of mint leaves, and 4 cookies. Put them all in a blender, pulse them until they’re almost smooth, then pour directly into your mouth a 16oz pint glass.