25 Things


You might not know about me…

1. I am often awake between the hours of 3 and 6 am, and get a lot of random things accomplished…like writing this, and reorganizing my closet.

2. I have a weakness for anything with a cute furry little animal on it.

3. I LOVE to decorate for holidays and make holiday greeting cards, especially Christmas.

4. I am still terrified by the movie Scream, and Scream 2. I CANNOT believe they are making another one.

5. I’m strangely good at crossword and jigsaw puzzles.

6. I’m not going to lie, I still have a lot of trouble picking out my outfit without an opinion (often via a text photo).

7. I’m working on writing a novel.

8. But if I could do anything, I would definitely be a fashion designer.

9. I love doing crafts, and have an entire box full of different colored jelly pens, glitter and googly eyes.

10. I regularly try to win the lottery, and actually think that I might every time I buy a ticket.

11. Pessimists really get on my nerves.

12. I don’t feel like myself without regular doses of my girlfriends from home, who have all been a wonderful part of my life since elementary school, and I don’t know what I would ever do without them.

13. I believe that everyone has multiple people/soulmates they are destined to meet and have in their lives forever.

14. There is nothing better than laughing until your face/abs hurt.

15. I’m slightly addicted to watching music videos and anything on mtv/bravo.

16. My top 5 favorite places I’ve been are: 1.Rome 2. Berlin 3. Costa Rica 4. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and 5. Paris. Bolivia is up there too. And I feel really lucky to have been able to visit so many places already. Next on my list to visit is Bali and Iceland.

17. I (not-so) secretly dream of designing my own neighborhood called Janny Panny lane that only my friends and family would be allowed to live in.

18. Getting new nail polish color makes me pretty happy.

19. My sister is my best friend.

20. If I wasn’t concerned for my health, I’d cook like an old southern woman, with lots of mayonnaise and butter.

21. If I could only drink one alcoholic beverage for the rest of my life, it would definitely be champagne……or twisted tea-lol. If I could only eat one kind of food it would definitely be mexican.

22. I’m really ridiculously scared of cockroaches to the point that once I strategically baked cupcakes when the exterminator was coming so he would put extra poison in my apartment.

23. I’m still really really bad at driving in reverse, and actually think that some people just lack the ability to do it. (like me)

24. I have big dreams of learning to hula hoop dance.

25. I think that people who have never been swimming in a lake/river/waterfall or gone canoeing are seriously deprived in life.

Image by Yellow Button Studio

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