If You Have 2 Minutes…Reorganize Your Apps


I am the type of person who is always downloading new apps. A friend mentions one they like and I have to have it. There’s an interesting-sounding free download, so I figure why not try it out? But the last time I’ve deleted or reordered apps from the default place they had appeared? It had been a while.

There were several apps I used nearly every morning (Timehop and Yes! Daily I’m looking at you) that were languishing all the way on my fourth page. That’s a lot of left and right swiping to get back and forth between the pages. There were others that I couldn’t even remember what they do.

So if you have a few spare minutes, take some time to move around those little icons so the ones you use are up first. Just get rid of the ones you haven’t opened in a while. And go ahead and move those sometimes ones to the back of the list.

It will make your days easier, and more efficient. Then next time you’re taking a video, you won’t have to be worried about running out of space.

Image by Sean MacEntee.

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