The Cutest Bunny in All the Land


Meet Wally the Bunny. He waltzed into my twitter feed (and my heart) this morning with this Gawker article, and has now taken his place among the internet animal celebrities I love most. My first two actions were to share the link, and follow him on Instagram. It may be my favorite feed yet.

(Seriously, why are you still reading? Go look at his feed!)

He now has a special place in my hear with Boo, Mr. Winkle (yes, he’s a real dog), and Saurkraut the Cat. I don’t know if it’s his adorable fluffy ears, his cute little nose wiggles, his leaping hops, or all three.

But do yourself a serious favor, and spend the next half hour or so googling him. You won’t be sorry.


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