I was literally worrying about 5 or so of these things, until I read this article. So spot on Marie Claire!
Usually when I meet new people that I really like, I just announce that we will hug when we see each other from now on (creepy? I like to think not), but this guide is handy for when you’re not sure whether to go for the high five or the handshake.
FINALLY experts have proven that the 5 Second Rule is a real thing that you should obey.
If you like saying, “I could care less,” you’ll want to read this.
Well, this article about the toxins in our environment is pretty disturbing.
It is very upsetting to me that such a multi-faceted woman is reduced to just a girlfriend after her tragic death. How the media fails women after death.
My first fragrance was Victoria’s Secret Love Spell, and it still brings me back to driving my first car in high school. Here are some of the Lucky editor’s stories about their first signature scents.
Random sexualization in commercials certainly takes a different twist when you sub-out the pretty women and sub-in men. What what happens here.
This Oatmeal Comic about murderous cats never stops making me laugh.
In case you haven’t seen In Between Two Ferns, here’s what it’s all about.

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