3-Day Weekend Links

If you are counting down the hours to your three day weekend, here are some links to occupy your time. Also, set some aside to be thankful for MLK Jr and everything he stood for.
If you’re looking for a husband or wife, here are the names you should watch out for.
I love these invitations from PS I Made This for my next formal get together.
Ok. I think we have started overusing the term curvy. How about you?
Now my movie watching has a purpose. See ALL of the nominees!
This maple syrup rye whiskey seems like it would be delicious as a snow slushy.
I will still buy cookies this year, but I am disappointed in your Girl Scouts. Stop closing your camps to pay your pensions!
Your friends are more popular, prettier, and richer than you: the friendship paradox.
The Netherlands wins the number one spot at eating best according to Oxfam. So, I will have stroopwafel for breakfast.
Oh, but I do love Meryl Streep. Here’s why others love her too.

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