Vanity Fair in 1918, Cats Dressed as People, and MORE

catHello there!  I have had a busy couple weeks of hosting brunches, celebrating homecoming with friends, enjoying this crisp fall weather, running through color, and attending showers and birthday parties. Here’s what I’ve been reading in between.
This is cool! Read the entire June 1918 Vanity Fair Issue online! What a peek back into history (without the snooze effect of a textbook).
Cats aren’t my favorite animal, but I do love them when all dressed up in people clothes. Check out the United Bamboo Cat Calendar on sale October 1st.
Chrissy Teigan and John Legend are one of my favorite celeb couples. Check out their gorgeous wedding photos.
Finally a scentless nail polish remover. Boyfriends around the world rejoice, the future is here.
I will never forget the time my dad (a nurse anesthetist) pointed out I was being sexist by saying male nurse. Here’s the flip side by a lady doctor who is always assumed to be a nurse.
Yikes! You know student loan debt is bad when….women are trying to get sugar daddies to avoid loans.
I’m glad the NFL is starting to think beyond Shrink it and Pink it sports apparel, now what about those sexist stadium entrance policies?
For all of you lucky ducks who are still in college, here’s a breakdown of which liberal arts majors will translate to the highest salaries after graduation.
Yesterday was national punctuation day, so let’s stop making these common mistakes already. Ok?
What have you been reading?

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