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friday eve
When I was younger, my mom was insistent about use wearing our “play clothes” while we were at home to keep from mussing up all of our good stuff. So, when I am at home, I often change into sweatpants and a tee, which makes for an annoying change if I want to run out to the store. Not anymore! I plan to use Yes and Yes’s advice on upgrading my play clothes, because really, I love wearing leggings anyways.

Struggling to decide what color iPhone to get now that there’s more options than just black and white? Here’s what your iPhone color says about you.

Now you have a snarky e-card to send to that friend you have who won’t stop talking about how ridiculously awesome/life changing/amazing cross fit is. Yea, other people work out too.

De Blasio for Mayor! Why his family is important.

I have been wanting a bucket bag for ages, and now I have 14 excuses to go buy one.

Recently I decided to be more compassionate in my eating, and have been trying to purchase meat from farms that I know aren’t industrial operations confining animals to a life of suffering. But I can’t get up on a pedestal yet, what about when I eat out, and wear leather? Are my cosmetics tested on animals? This thoughtful account goes through a fashion writer is going through the same struggle with clothes, and how to be a conscious consumer without going off the deep end.
Now you can get jobs from facebook? And it turns out that people recruited from social media may stay longer in their positions.

I came down with a cold this week at the tail end of summer, and it just seems so wrong to be sick when the weather is still so warm. And in unpleasant news, it turns out that summer cold can last longer than winter colds. Bring on the Airborne!

If you’re getting tired of the same old arsenal of bedtime stories for your kid, the kid you babysit, or a niece/nephew/grandchild, check out the new fairy tales that were recently discovered, and add some to your collection.

I am excited for the return of fall shows, but my DVR has left me with no clue as to when my favorite shows air. Here’s your cheat sheet to when all your favorite premieres are happening so you can put them on your calendar.
What have you been reading?

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