Long Weekend Links

longn weekendIf you’re anything like me, the Friday work hours before a long weekend are excruciatingly well, long. Here are some links to help you get through the day and into the glorious three day end of summer celebration.

Finally all of those years of not being able to cut construction paper and learning how to play sports the “right” way are paying off.

I am glad I finally won’t have to explain what a blondie dessert is to everyone, and that twerking has been defined so Miley knows she is doing it wrong, but really? Does food baby need to be in the dictionary?
These photos are stunningly gorgeous, and I love the back story that goes along with their captions.
You’ve probably already seen Olivia Wilde’s Advice on Turning 30 everywhere, but it’s just too good not to share again.
Every year during fashion month, I get a serious case of the gimmes. Want.Want.Want.Want.Want.
If you like drinking, and you like vacation and want to put those two together, this is for you.
I can’t wait to tell all those annoying people who love to puff e-cigarettes inside like they’re cool this news that they are just as dangerous for certain toxins as the real things.
If you need some lady-power inspiration, read this advice from Smith’s President.
Every airline should do this: child-free sections for childless travelers.
I want this Comme Des Garcons clutch to put everything in.
What have you been reading lately?

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