Improving Your Mobile Uploads

beautyboxWhen I upload a photo album to facebook, I do what any caring friend would do. I crop out unflattering pieces of the picture, and edit the pics a little to tone down shine and red eye. With mobile uploads, the functionality is a bit more limited than iPhoto. Sure, I can take a panorama with dermandar, or combine several photos into a collage with Frametastic. My iPhone lets me enhance and crop, and of course I can blur the edges and apply various color filters to Instagram. But sometimes photos I post from my phone just aren’t quite as flattering as the ones that I can modify on the big screen in my laptop.

Now I have another app to add to my photo arsenal.  It’s called Beauty Box, and its free from the App Store. With it, I can edit out blemishes and summer sweaty face before I upload the pictures, because there’s no detagging on instagram. It is customized for age, skin type, and any skin problems. Then you can share your (slightly prettified) photos on facebook, twitter, email, flickr, google+, text, or just save it to your camera roll.  Do your friends a favor, and download it now!

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