linksHi everyone! I’ve been busy going to the beach, seeing a battle of the bands, and boating around Lake George then attending a motorcycle rally. What fun! Here’s the links I’ve clicked in between.
Just another reason to dislike Fox News –they’re hating on female breadwinners.
Oprah’s advice never gets old. Here’s some gems from her Harvard commencement speech.
Who knew that Kmart sponsored so many hilarious celebrity lines? Leopard print shapewear?
Will Smith and his family, saving the world time and time again.
Crafts are for more than just DIY. How handmade can help develeping areas.
If this rain and gale-force winds are getting you down, here are 16 quotes to brighten your day!
A must read for wedding season! How to pull off a top notch toast.
I want one of these at my next house party.
There is a new, healthier chip in town. The chick pea chip!
In case you need vacation ideas, 20 ultimate bucket list experiences.
I ice cream sandwiches made with french toast cookies?I need to get to Smush immediately.
Ok, so this place is defnitely not for the squeamish, anti-gun campaigners or animal lovers, but after hearing about Joe’s Bar from a friend, it might have to be an oddity on my next road trip through Pennsylvania.
Turns out that smarter people tend to drink more (but you knew that already you smarty pants, right?)
Things have really changed for women in 50 years. Answering a letter to Harvard.
What have you read recently that caught your eye?

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