5 Places I’d Like to Go


It’s the Friday before a long weekend here in the United States, which means that everyone at work is anxiously anticipating their weekend getaway to kick off the unofficial start of summer. While I’m at it, I’ve been reminiscing about my trip to Costa Rica I took this week last year, and doing a little day dreaming about trips I’d like to take.

I  the incredible luck of have growing up in a family that liked to go places and do things. We took vacations in the Outer Banks when I was little enough I could barely swim in the giant ocean waves. We crossed national borders into Canada to see Niagra Falls from the other side. We travelled to Florida in the winters to visit my grandparents. We camped and hiked in the summers. It gave me a taste for different environments, climates, and a desire to explore new places that I carried with me up to the point when I decided to study abroad, passing over Australia as a tempting destination so I could see as much of Europe as possible in 5 months. By the time I was done with that trip, and a few more in the upcoming years, I have visited 12 different countries. Since I’ve been so many places internationally, this year I decided to check off United States destinations including Vegas, Austin, and Chicago. But, if time off from work and money were no object, there’s a few different points on the globe I would direct my attention to, ASAP.

If I could go anywhere, I would go to these places first:

  1. A hike down the length of the Appalachian Trail and a loop by car around the continental U.S.
  2. A leisurely tour of the Greek Isles
  3. A few weeks luxuriating on a beach in Bali
  4. Austrailia and New Zealand
  5. South Africa

How about you?

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