Weekly Reading


Hi friend! This week I celebrated St. Patty’s with some wonderful Irish folk,  saw Talib Kweli perform, tasted some new bourbons under the guidance of a handsome Southern gentleman, tried a maitake mushroom at a beer garden with a retractable roof, and attended the birthday of a dear friend from Tennessee. Phew! No wonder I’m exhausted. These are things on the internet I looked at in the midst of all that activity.

Because this would make whipping up a sausage, egg and cheese SO EASY.

For the next time you fall into the shopping black hole that is the 8 floors of Macy’s in NYC- a delicious Italian restaurant to satisfy that appetite you worked up.

Turns out men complain MORE than women (on twitter). Anyone else think this extends to anytime ever they get a cold?

Because really, who doesn’t LOVE anything JT does? 37 Ways things have changed since his last solo album.

I always have a few loose bobby pins lurking around in my purse for hair emergencies. Here’s 25 good ways to put them to use in a pinch!

Things to think about when you finally get around to changing your email signature from, “sent from my iPhone.” What your email sign-off says about you.

If I were going to shop at Tiffany, I would want this, and this, and this, and these, and these, and this, and definitely this, and perhaps this too.

When you’re trying to figure out whose turn it is to go to the bar and get the next round, strategies to win rock paper scissors.

I love sloths, you? Here’s 25 great ones.

And if you haven’t seen this, you probably should because you are missing out. Kristen Bell meets a sloth.

I’m a sucker for super hero action movies. You? Here’s what brands would probably sponsor your favorites if they went commercial.

Have you read anything interesting?

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