An End to all my Loose Magazine Pages in Folders


Finally (finally!), there is a digital solution to my magazine feature hoarding. As some of you may recall, I subscribe to around 10 magazines monthly, and usually there is at least one article I want to pass along/recipe I want to cook/item I want to buy from each magazine I read. To avoid becoming one of those sad new stories where a woman is crushed to death by her massive pile of old newspapers caving in on her, I recycle my magazines every month. I either pass them along to others, or drop them in the appropriate bin in my building. Those stacks would build up way too quickly with that many magazines! To avoid losing the features I wanted to go back to, I have a complex system of organization I use when reading. When I see something I like, I fold the page in half (or if I am reading Lucky, I use one of these neat stickers), then go back and tear out the pages I want when I’ve finished the issue. The loose pages go into one of 2 folders: recipes and other, and sometimes spend some time laying around on my floor or dresser before I get the folders out. Then when I am finished with the article, I toss the loose pages. Genius right?

Well, now the wonders of technology have come to my rescue with an infinitely better system called NetPage. It’s an app that integrates with the camera on your iphone, and certain magazines (I’m looking at you Marie Claire for introducing me to it!). All you do is launch the app, point the camera at the item you like, and it stores a clipping of it in your NetPage favorites for you to go back to. It even offers suggestions of editor’s clips of the same feature that might be less blurry/more cleanly cropped than your own – especially handy if you’re taking the picture on the treadmill like me, where I do most of my magazine reading. Then you can access your favorites from the app or your web browser whenever you please, and share easily using email or most social media platforms without all the clutter of lose/poorly torn pages. I am saying sayonara to my folders and giving a big welcome to online organization! Yippee!

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