round up

I am always reading how if you have a blog, you should have a link roundup every so often, sharing your favorite things you’ve found on the internet lately. So here’s what I’ve been reading. Enjoy!

Because who doesn’t need a way (or 10) to rationalize buying tickets to the NKOTB, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men tour?

Try answering these questions instead of, “What’s your passion in life?”

If cheese is in the title of the recipe, it is probably delicious.

Just one more reason to have that glass of wine after work.

Now you know why people might be getting mad at your for your texts.

I should probably get paid to rep this company because I have converted so many people to this kind of sheets.  Only get the sateen, not the jersey knit.

You might be really shallow if you’re happy, or leading a meaningful life if you’re stressed. Or you might find both in happimeaningness.

I want nearly everything he makes, but I am pretty sure my life would seriously improve if I had this ring and these earrings.

I prefer to take my life lessons from hip hop songs, you?

If you’re thinking about shaving your head, you can look to these women for inspiration.

Just when you thought you had the most annoying coworkers in the world. Turns out someone else does.

Jennifer Lawrence is America’s Sweetheart, but why is everyone hating on Anne Hathaway? It’s all explained here.

Now you know why ginger ale settles your stomach.

What have you read lately that sparked your interest?

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