The Average Duration of a Traffic Light is 3-4 minutes


Ok New Yorkers, I know we are all too busy and important to stop and stand still for 3-4 whole minutes in a row while waiting to cross the street, and I like jay walking just as much as the next city dweller, but let’s all stop taking our lives in our hands. Just today I have seen over 10 people dash in front of oncoming traffic in order to make it across to the other side a little more quickly. Then those same people walked so slowly I passed them on the sidewalk after waiting for the light to change. It just doesn’t make any sense. Then during rush hour, for some reason, it gets a whole lot worse. Whole packs of people inch closer and closer to the road only to spaz out and run across the street narrowly dodging a speeding cab. That business is how people die, and I would prefer not to see someone get killed on my way home from work because they were in a hurry.

Then there is the opposite problem – the people who, despite the FACT that they are on a busy street, meander 4-wide with their coworkers to their favorite lunch spot. While it may be just 10 feet from the front door of your office building, other people would like to use the sidewalk too, and they don’t want to move at the pace of a newborn baby sloth. So, get outta my way! Just don’t get hit by a car while you’re doing it. Ok, thanks.

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