Designer Oatmeal

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Only in New York City, where anything can be trendy and the most mundane thing becomes a designer item, can the humble oat make up the basis of an entire menu. Oatmeals in Greenwich village is dedicated to all things oat, simultaneously reinventing the old favorite, while emphasizing it as a health choice. It offers comfortable favorites like brown sugar cinnamon raisin, or peanut butter and banana. At the same time, it highlights more adventurous offerings.

The savory list boasts variety like The Cheese Plate featuring Manchego cheese, dried figs, honey and walnuts, or the Bacon Pumpkin bowl. There are breakfast oatmeals, salty dinner oatmeals, and dessert oatmeals. If you’re not in the mood for a steaming bowl of the stuff, try their oatmeal cookies, sandwiches on oatmeal bread, or have a macchiato with some oatmeal biscotti.

If you’re not in NYC, you can take the inspiration, and jazz up your oatmeal at home. The February issue of Self magazine recommends adding nonfat plain Greek yougurt, pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate chips, honey and chia seeds.



How to Get that Last Little Bit


If tossing out your favorite hand creme without getting every last drop really drives you nuts, the Every Drop Beauty Spatula is bound to be your new best friend. It’s only $5 from The Container Store or Amazon, and it’s tiny little head and angled tip make it more than worth it. It will get the lotion hiding in the farthest corner of the bottle, and save you the frustration if shaking, tapping it on the corner and wishing would just slide to the bottom. You’re welcome.

GM Corn May Contribute to Obesity


Genetically modified food (GM) has been a source of controversy in the United States since it began to be sold in 1994, and where manufacturers are not currently required to label GM foods as such. Now new evidence collected by Ashild Krogdahl, Ph.D of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science has shown that these foods, particularly corn, may contribute to obesity. In a study tracking rats who were fed GM cord over the course of three months, they found that rats eating GM corn ate more, and became fatter than the group of rats eating regular, non-modified corn. Scientists suspect that this is because the body does not recognize the engineered food product, and works harder to digest it than normal. This, in turn, triggers a hunger response to compensate for the extra energy the body spend digesting which raises overall food intake.

If you would like to see manufacturers start labeling GM foods, visit, and make your voice heard.

The Most Annoying Thing About Valentine’s Day

loveI bet you think that this post is going to be a rant about all of the ways the big V-day is horrible. Well guess what? It’s not! I read this cartoon on The Oatmeal last week that reminded me of a post I wrote a couple years ago on my old blog. And you know what? That sentiment still rings true. The most annoying thing about Valentine’s day isn’t couples canoodling on the street, pink lingerie and candy everywhere, or having to buy into the Hallmark hype surrounding the day to make your sweetie feel loved. (I actually think all of those things are kind of great.) No, the MOST annoying thing is listening to people whine about it, whether they are status is single or happily coupled. So I thought I would do us all a favor, and re-post this one from the archives all the way from Valentine’s of 2011.


Ok, so it’s Valentine’s Day. Probably one of the more controversial “holidays” (just saying, the post office isn’t closed), on the books. People love to hate V Day, and I just don’t get what the big deal is. Ladies, really? How can you hate a day that’s whole object is to get you candy, flowers and jewelry. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
If you’re coupled, go have some fun, enjoy the one you love. Stop griping about being burdened by the commercialism of it all. If you don’t want to go out, don’t go out. If you hate big stuffed animals and heart shaped candies, go get some fancy pop corn or a new set of headphones instead. No one is forcing you to wear pink, or red, or to buy kitchschy gifts. Wear brown if you please. Just appreciate your US by doing something the two of you genuinely enjoy. It’s a “holiday.” It’s supposed to be fun. If you don’t want to celebrate, I’m pretty sure it’s optional just like going to church on Christmas.
If you’re single, please don’t let me hear you whine about how the universe is against you and you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. You don’t go getting all upset on Veteran’s Day because you’ve never served in a war. This holiday is not for you, but there are plenty of other holidays designed for special groups of people (Grandparent’s Day, Groundhog’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, President’s Day) that you are perfectly capable of coping with. Try to keep it in perspective.
Instead of complaining and being grumpy at work, you could take a couple minutes to just appreciate the spirit of the day. It’s all about love, happiness, and feeling good that you have it in your life. If you can’t appreciate a significant other, what about a pet, or a relative, or a coworker who really gets you, or a really awesome BFF, or your amazing boss? Or what about giving yourself a little pat on the back, I mean, you’re pretty hot, pretty successful, and pretty smart right? Obviously it would take someone of your caliber a little longer to find a Mr. or Mrs. Right who is equally awesome. Maybe you should reward yourself for all that greatness with a little indulgence that you wouldn’t on a normal day like chocolate for breakfast or that video game you’ve had your eye on.
If V-day is making you that unhappy to be in the relationship you’re in, or to not be in a relationship at all, then that should signal something to you. Maybe today’s the day you take a step towards changing that before getting all “Poor Me,” drinking too much wine, and leaving loving messages to all your exes on Facebook. That’s not getting you anywhere but embarrassed and hungover.
Let’s save all the melodrama for the real tragedies in life. It is Thursday after all. Who wants to use all that energy for all that hullabaloo when you could just take an easy excuse to eat a lot of candy and be happy?

Candy Unjunked

unjunkedSo many diets are devoted to eliminating processed foods. They champion going back to the ways our forefathers lived, using products that could be gathered, hunted,or made from refinement of a natural product. Take Whole 30 and Paleo for example. Now, finally, a manufacturer has taken this sentiment and applied it to something we all want to eat, candy.

Unreal, Candy Unjunked took five American favorites: Peanut M&M’s, regular M&Ms, Snickers, Milky Way, and Peanut Butter cups. Then they transformed them into better, healthier, more delicious candy. How?

Through the vision of a 13 year old, and scientists inspired by his mission, a team of experts found a way to make candy that is equally affordable, but eliminates the hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors from the mix. In addition they actually managed to reduce sugar by 40% in each serving using real peanuts for protein, more cacao, and more real caramel rather than colored corn syrup to create a candy that is as delicious as it is truly revolutionary. But don’t take my word for it! Go get some for yourself.

Planning for When You Make It


A while back, I read this post on my favorite blog Yes and Yes about ways the fabulous Miss Sarah Von will know she’s made it. As a 20-something living in (arguably) one of the most expensive cities in the world, the post reminded me of the little daily luxuries I have given up to carve out the lift I want to lead, while making the salary I earn, and still living in the city that I love. After years of cutting corners to budget in the dinners with friends, nights out dancing, expensive perfume and the occasional fancy beauty treatment I realize that I by no means lead a deprived life. However, there are certain things that I do not indulge in to have the things that I want most. And when I can factor them back in, well, that’s how I will know I really made it.

I’ll have a few bottles of delicious wine around at all times

I’ll order wine by the case from the vineyards I truly love instead of picking up a bottle here and there for festivities and then promptly downing it.

I’ll have other people blow dry my hair for me more often
Because any lady knows that when your stylist does it, that blowout lasts about 3x longer, and looks 1,000x more fabulous. With all the dry bars popping up all over NYC, I’ll have my hair blown out when I feel like it instead of just when I am having my cut and color done.

I’ll buy all of my toiletries at Duane Reade

Everything costs $2-$5 more at your corner drugstore because it’s convenient and on your way home. While the budgeter in me says to order all of this loot on amazon with free shipping, swing by bed bath and beyond or walmart for the lower prices, my fancy successful self will buy mascara and cheese puffs at Duane Reade just because I happen to be passing by.

I’ll own furniture that didn’t have to be assembled with an Allen wrench

I love IKEA as much as the next gal for it’s Swedish charms and cheap snacks. While I will probably always shop there for home accessories, someday I would like to own furniture that is delivered in one piece, without cryptic pictures pretending to be instructions.

I’ll have a signature fancy coffee drink at the local coffee shop

While I may already have a signature coffee drink, and the coffee/espresso maker to accomplish it, that steamed milk just tastes a little better when someone else makes it for you, no? My highly accomplished self will exclusively buy lattes rather than making them at home.

All of my sleepwear will be pretty, matching, and luxuriously soft

Everyone has the old pair of boxers and college t-shirt they sleep in when no one else is around to see them, and then the set that they pull out when the boyfriend is over or they’re travelling with friends. My future self will own a bedtime wardrobe composed exclusively of modal and silk sets from calvin klein, gap body, and other frivolous brands.

It’s like when you ponder what you’ll do with the money when (not if) you win the lottery. Luxuries seem like a whole lot more fun when they’re in your reach as just down the road, after you’ve really made it.

How about you?

When You Haven’t Gone Grocery Shopping


We all have those weeks, when we’re too busy to do anything except drop into bed when we finally make it home. Then, you wake up in the morning, and you’re hungry, but there’s a whole lot of nothing in your fridge – at least nothing you can coherently make into a recipe. Enter Gojee, the app that lets you input the random left overs in your pantry, and find a delicious recipe to make with it.

And now the app has expanded to sell luxury goods. It hawks items like designer stilettos and fine jewelry with images akin to Pinterest. It plays off of the visual way women tend to shop. We’re looking for a feeling rather than a specific product price, and the images Gojee presents allow us to feel it. Grab it now, free for iPhone and Android.