Planning for When You Make It


A while back, I read this post on my favorite blog Yes and Yes about ways the fabulous Miss Sarah Von will know she’s made it. As a 20-something living in (arguably) one of the most expensive cities in the world, the post reminded me of the little daily luxuries I have given up to carve out the lift I want to lead, while making the salary I earn, and still living in the city that I love. After years of cutting corners to budget in the dinners with friends, nights out dancing, expensive perfume and the occasional fancy beauty treatment I realize that I by no means lead a deprived life. However, there are certain things that I do not indulge in to have the things that I want most. And when I can factor them back in, well, that’s how I will know I really made it.

I’ll have a few bottles of delicious wine around at all times

I’ll order wine by the case from the vineyards I truly love instead of picking up a bottle here and there for festivities and then promptly downing it.

I’ll have other people blow dry my hair for me more often
Because any lady knows that when your stylist does it, that blowout lasts about 3x longer, and looks 1,000x more fabulous. With all the dry bars popping up all over NYC, I’ll have my hair blown out when I feel like it instead of just when I am having my cut and color done.

I’ll buy all of my toiletries at Duane Reade

Everything costs $2-$5 more at your corner drugstore because it’s convenient and on your way home. While the budgeter in me says to order all of this loot on amazon with free shipping, swing by bed bath and beyond or walmart for the lower prices, my fancy successful self will buy mascara and cheese puffs at Duane Reade just because I happen to be passing by.

I’ll own furniture that didn’t have to be assembled with an Allen wrench

I love IKEA as much as the next gal for it’s Swedish charms and cheap snacks. While I will probably always shop there for home accessories, someday I would like to own furniture that is delivered in one piece, without cryptic pictures pretending to be instructions.

I’ll have a signature fancy coffee drink at the local coffee shop

While I may already have a signature coffee drink, and the coffee/espresso maker to accomplish it, that steamed milk just tastes a little better when someone else makes it for you, no? My highly accomplished self will exclusively buy lattes rather than making them at home.

All of my sleepwear will be pretty, matching, and luxuriously soft

Everyone has the old pair of boxers and college t-shirt they sleep in when no one else is around to see them, and then the set that they pull out when the boyfriend is over or they’re travelling with friends. My future self will own a bedtime wardrobe composed exclusively of modal and silk sets from calvin klein, gap body, and other frivolous brands.

It’s like when you ponder what you’ll do with the money when (not if) you win the lottery. Luxuries seem like a whole lot more fun when they’re in your reach as just down the road, after you’ve really made it.

How about you?

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