Track Your Favorite Wines in Your Phone


If you ever find yourself standing in the liquor store, pondering which bottle of wine to buy, trying to remember what that delicious bottle you had with dinner was called. Well, now there’s an app for that. Vivino lets you scan the labels of wines you like, and keep a log of the grapes that caught your fancy while also viewing your friends tastes. No more having to phone a friend for help. You can rate it from zero to four stars, while it tracks the winery, region, country of origin, and grapes used to make it. The app will even offer up serving temperatures, give you tasting notes, and food pairings. It’s the sommelier best friend you never had. Peruse ratings from other users, and add personal notes to remind yourself of when you drank it. No more losing track of wines you like just because you are a little tipsy at the bottom of the bottle.

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