GM Corn May Contribute to Obesity


Genetically modified food (GM) has been a source of controversy in the United States since it began to be sold in 1994, and where manufacturers are not currently required to label GM foods as such. Now new evidence collected by Ashild Krogdahl, Ph.D of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science has shown that these foods, particularly corn, may contribute to obesity. In a study tracking rats who were fed GM cord over the course of three months, they found that rats eating GM corn ate more, and became fatter than the group of rats eating regular, non-modified corn. Scientists suspect that this is because the body does not recognize the engineered food product, and works harder to digest it than normal. This, in turn, triggers a hunger response to compensate for the extra energy the body spend digesting which raises overall food intake.

If you would like to see manufacturers start labeling GM foods, visit, and make your voice heard.

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