BADGE of Obesity?

We all panicked after when we found out our Nalgenes were poisoning us (or was that just me?), and exchanged all of our water carrying devices for those certified BPA-free. And now, BPA’s chubby cousin, BADGE has entered the scene. And this guy? He’s not just looking to pollute your insides with toxic chemicals invisibly, threaten your fertility, and increase your risk of heart attack. No, he wants to make you fat (which, mind you, can up your risk for other health problems too). A recent study by Environmental Health Perspectives found that BADGE, even in very low levels, promotes weight gain by turning pre-fat cells into fat, and morphing certain adult stem cells into fat cells. Accordingly, the more fat cells you have, well, that fatter you are.

So, what exactly is BADGE? It’s Bisphenol A Diglycidyl Ether found in canned food liners along with BPA (or Bisphenol A). While your risk of being damaged by consuming the chemical is greatest early in life, especially in utero, the chemical appears to affect weight in adults too. Consuming this chemical won’t necessarily make you gain weight all on its own, but it will certainly make it more difficult NOT to gain weight.

Chemicals of this kind can impact well-being for up to three generations after exposure (!!!), so reducing your exposure to them can impact not only your health, but also your future family’s health. Also on the list to avoid: MSG, pesticides and PVC plastics which all are suspected to contain obesity promoting chemicals called obesogens. To cut them out of your diet, eat organic, don’t microwave your lunch in plastic containers, and purchase food items in glass jars instead of cans. Your great-grandchildren will thank you for it.

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