House on top of a House

If there is one thing Manhattan is known for, it is the residential situation. Apartments are hard to find. They’re expensive. People keep pushing further uptown, and further into the outer boroughs to find someplace to live. That is, of course, unless you’re ridiculously rich. Then, why not just buy a rooftop, and build yourself your dream home right there on top of someone else’s apartment building. Why not, indeed.

To be honest, this idea had never occurred to me until very recently. I moved to a new neighborhood the beginning of the month, and on my new commute I found myself being extra observant, taking in the sights of the new streets I had never walked. Then I passed the Kiehl’s store on Third Avenue and 13th Street on my way home one day. While waiting to cross the street, I happened to look up and notice a house complete with patios, greenery, a CHIMNEY, and sculptures perched right there on top of a four-story building.

A few google searches later, and I found these photographs posted on Scouting New York’s blog. It’s a genius idea, really. You have your own private space. It’s almost like having a home in the suburbs, but with the convenience of being RIGHT in the middle of Manhattan, and who was really using that roof anyhow. What I’d like to know is, how much does a purchase like this cost, and how do we go about buying one?

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