Have to Have High Low

If I see one more girl walking down the street in an adorable mini skirt with a gauzy chiffon tail billowing behind her I might die of jealousy. In this transitional season between summer and early fall, these high-low skirts are the best of both worlds between your mini and maxi.


Your legs don’t stick to the back of your chair, but you don’t have to hide those tanned stems behind a floor length hemline just yet. The chiffon overlay on opaque mini adds a sense of sneaking a peek of skin. Their shape lends itself to blowing in the breeze giving the whole look a sense of drama that you just can’t get from that leopard print short skirt you lived in all summer down the shore. Long story short (see what I did there?) they’re a must have for these last few weeks (hopefully month!) of warm weather. These two are available for purchase at Lulu’s.

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