Cute Things: My Desk

Do you ever get made fun of when people stop by your desk, for how many “cute things” you have laying around? No? That’s just me?

Some people choose to decorate their work spaces with diplomas, photos of family or significant others, inspirational quotes. Not I. I don’t see any better way to ensure a cheerful workday that being greeted by not one, but several cute things every morning.

First you see there a tear away calendar. It’s the Cute Overload Page a Day that features photos of puppies, kitties, and other adorable creatures with witty little captions. More than one co-worker has breathed a sigh of relief that it’s not just a kitten calendar (which would make me a crazy cat lady?) when I tell them about the assortment of cute it contains. Good for a laugh and an aww all in one.

Then you see the little owl. That my friends is fully functioning lip gloss I received as a gift from a bestie who knows that ordinary things are much more fun in a cute package. You can get yours in various colors here.

Finally there’s a tiny bobble head snail and turtle who tacitly agree with nods to every brilliant idea I have, some cards, little bear magnets (not pictured) and my favorite Klimt post card. On the other half of my desk I keep my professionally useful belongings- file organizer, calendars, phone, computer, etc., but its this little corner I turn to when I need something to brighten my day. Now don’t you want to cuten up your workspace?

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