Bras as Accessories

We used to live in a world where when it was tank top season rolled around women every where pulled out their strapless bras. At the very least, they tried to coordinate their straps to match whatever they were wearing. The idea was to make them blend in as much as possible, or make them invisible. This was probably around the time that bras came in a medicinal range of colors from pale pink to nude. Those days are gone.

With sheer tops in style, and every manner of bra top available as lacy or as neon as you like, bras are on display all over NYC. Bathing suits are even starting to look like them. SJP made black under white acceptable for a minute in Sex and the City, but now that seems a bit old fashioned. The theme of the summer seems to by why wear black when it could be neon? Why plain when it could be floral?

When did bras become the newest accessory?

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