Melodramatic Yelpers

I like to use the Yelp app on my phone to find a tasty restaurant in the neighborhood when I’m out shopping and haven’t planned ahead, or when I’m looking for a new happy hour spot to host book club that I’ve never been to before. I find that the best way to figure out what to buy and where to go is to rely on the reviews of those who have used it and been there before. But the thing with reviews is, typically you need to have either a really negative or really positive experience to motivate you to put the effort in and post the review. You’ll get extreme points of view from both ends of the spectrum.

And then you get the people who just babble endlessly, and clearly enjoy hearing the sound of themselves type. Now we can relive (and laugh at) some of those melodramatic posters who were traumatized by a perfectly pleasant restaurant experience, or not traumatized enough by what sounds like food poisoning. Real actors are reading real Yelp reviews for your entertainment. Read the article here.

Too Traumatized

Not Traumatized Enough

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