You Can’t Afford the Fancy Dress/Top/Skirt

Yes, its a drag. But let’s be serious, I have expensive tastes, and there’s a good chance that no matter how successful I am, I might not ever be able to buy all of the fancy things I want. Furs? Jewels? Probably not. But sometimes you need to feel a little extravagant on a tiny budget.

You’ve got options.

Buy the darn thing already, keep the tag on and well tucked in (you don’t want to have a romantic comedy moment when someone “helping” you rips the tag off), take really good care of it and return the next day. Not saying I’ve done this. Not saying I haven’t.

Rummage around in your closet- chances are there are two things in there, things you don’t want anymore and things you forgot you had. Take the things you don’t want, and set up a swap with some friends to get rid of things they don’t want. New to you is almost as much fun as new to the world. Then take those things you forgot about and see what you can do with them.

Add a belt? Pair it with a different color? Reinvent what you’ve already got.

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