Arriving at Work with Deoderant on Your Shirt

So you make it all the way to work only to realize on your first trip to the bathroom that you have deodorant all over your shirt. That invisible solid crap is a LIE.

Turn yourself right around and get to the nearest drug store. Purchase a the first pair of pantyhose you see. Open, and bunch them up into a tight little ball, or pull the stocking taught over your knuckles. Then rub that stain like there’s no tomorrow. It gets deodorant off of clothing every time without weird damp patches or little balls of paper towel. Ditto for most other surface stains.  And, it’s something I have on hand far more often that a shout wipe or a tide pen.

And while you’re at the drug store, pick up some safety pins, fashion tape and a couple band aids. Then you’re fashion emergency kit is complete.

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