Spinning Class is Full

When you call the gym to sign up for the 7pm spinning class first thing when you get to work, and are informed that you are the sixth person on the waiting list, well, its tempting to flip out on the sarcastic front desk guy who informs you that it IS the day after a holiday. And when your gym has been blatantly overselling membership for the past six months. But why waste all that energy (and risk never being put on the spinning list again by snarky guy) when it’s really not the end of the world?

Instead, use it as a pass to get out of work 15 minutes early to make the 6:30pm yoga class you’ve been meaning to try.  Take in some fresh air with a run outside with a new playlist that will keep you as pumped up as the tunes in spinning. Convince that sassy desk boy to put you on the list for next week, since you are so unjustly excluded. Flirt with that cute personal trainer you always see, and convince him to teach you how to use some new machines, like the rowing machine. With everyone in spinning class, you’ll have your pick.

Or just skip it, and try again tomorrow.

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