Important Meetings on Fridays

So, you were planning to have a relaxing Friday: to socialize with coworkers, have a nice lunch out with your work friends, and do just the right amount of work to take you into Friday night without feeling too taxed. And then they went and scheduled a full day of client meetings where not only will you have to pay attention all day, but you will be tasked with being polite, professional, and overly nice.

Think of it this way. You’ve never liked casual Friday. All of that picking out business-y tops to go with your “formal” jeans really stresses you out. And that nerdy button-down with dark denim trouser pants isn’t scoring you any points at happy hour. Now you’ll have an excuse to wear your best power dress. When you go out after work, looking fine, all of the  attention will be yours. What does all that mean?

Free drinks from all the hotties who will be talking to you. All that money saved?  It’s PRACTICALLY like they’re give you a raise.

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