“Like Yelp for People”


My friends and I have joked around for a while about how it would be really nice if you could read reviews of people you’re going out on a date with. People could give you a friendly heads up if the guy in question tends to drink exclusively jaeger bombs, or still lives with his momma, or is prone to mysteriously dropping off the face of the earth after weeks of dating (not that any of these things have every happened to me or anything). It would save us all a lot of trouble to know if the strangers we’re about to go out with are totally crazy-pants or bad people masquerading as nice men/women. Right?

Well, now it actually exists, and instead of seeming so useful, it just seems a little creepy. As Thrillist so aptly put it, “it’s like yelp, but for people.” Mirror.net is a free service that anyone can join and post reviews of relationships or friendships. I was curious, so I moseyed on over and checked it out.

You can share stories about friends or lovers, and rate your experiences as awesome, and not so awesome on different scales based on the type of relationship you’re reviewing. Mirror also provides the capability to search by name/email/phone number, to see what people are saying about your blind date, or new coworker.

Is anyone else panicking yet?

Mirror claims to have an algorithim and human reviewer formula to check out each review for truthfulness before it goes live as a posting. It allows uploading photos of people you review and champions truthful reviews based on real relationships.

But let’s be serious here, when you take the time to write a review on yelp, it’s either because of a really positive or really negative experience, and I’d feel pretty comfortable saying it’s probably the negative experiences that make the most impact. So my question is, is this new forum designed to show the other side of those with less than truthful online profiles for themselves going to turn into a forum where annoyed people vent their grievances? And have we reached a point of being too invasive into people’s privacy?

I mean after all, we’re not all businesses offering a service, competing for patrons. We’re just flawed human beings trying to live our lives. Do we really want a forum where anyone can document that date you went on when you were having an off day? And will it be like yelp, where people have their friends pad their reviews with positive praise? The whole situation makes me a little uncomfortable. You?

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