I’m pretty sure this is exactly how I would react if presented with an adorable little sloth all of my own for an evening. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.


A Scent for Summer and for Fall

I recently took a personality quiz as part of team building exercise for work. It identified me as an ESFJ. The first line of my description is “Guardians of birthdays, holidays, and celebrations.” Further on, it notes that I “joyfully observe traditions.” And, I have to say, it could not be more spot on. I love holidays, keeping up traditions, and celebrating them all.

When fall rolls around, I have a tradition or more a personal routine of transformation. During September, I always feel like I am getting a fresh start on a new year. More so than in January, when the temperature drops, but the weather remains lovely, I feel a renewed energy to take a look at my life, make resolutions, and set goals. I also tend to overhaul my fashion and beauty routines. Blame it on being in school for the majority of my life, but the coming of September makes me itch for new fall look. Conveniently, this coincides nicely with NY Fashion week, and a plethora of new ideas to mix and match my fall clothes. The cooler temperatures demand a different set of moisturizers and cleansers, and my fading tan requires a whole new makeup plan.

Each year, I find myself making some sort of change in the fall to reinvent myself as the year creeps on toward my favorite holiday seasons. Last year, I decided to run a mud-run/obstacle course. This year, I dyed my hair a lovely shade of autumn red. Part of my fall tradition every year is the change from summer to winter fragrance. I have two perfumes I wear: one for Spring/ Summer and one for Fall/Winter.

In the warm weather, I wear Christian Dior Pure Poison a white amber floral bouquet of gardenia, sweet orange, and jasmine. Sephora describes its style as Luminous, textured, seductive. It’s a heavier, muskier smell that fits in with summer dresses, hot temperatures and humidity.

When the air becomes crisp, I transition to Stella McCartney, Rose Absolute with notes of rose absolute and peony. Sephora describes this as sensual, intense, feminine. The clean rose oil just smells better on a cool breeze.

Do you have a fall/spring fragrance? What’s your transitional weather tradition?

2 Hampsters, One Wheel

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I nearly exclusively use youtube to watch videos of animals doing cute stuff. You too?

Sometimes I though I don’t have time to troll the website for the latest adorable thing, I just want to see something adorable that everyone will be talking and tweeting about. Enter The Huffington Post. They have an entire news category devoted to exclusively cute animal videos.

Now, I don’t usually go in for rodents as being cute, but this Two Hampsters-One Wheel video is just too much to handle. Just wait until they start spinning out of control.

Internet is a little Spotty Over Here


As if you needed any further evidence that Time Warner Cable is a big pain in the neck. I moved over the weekend, and have been trying to have my internet and cable hooked up again ever since. After several appointment cancellations and reschedules, the earliest I’m looking at is next Thursday. I can only mooch off the neighborhood coffee shop’s free internet for so many hours a day, so posting may be a little spotty until then. Counting down the days!