Cute Things: My Desk

Do you ever get made fun of when people stop by your desk, for how many “cute things” you have laying around? No? That’s just me? Some people choose to decorate their work spaces with diplomas, photos of family or significant others, inspirational quotes. Not I. I don’t see any better way to ensure a […]

25 Things

You might not know about me… 1. I am often awake between the hours of 3 and 6 am, and get a lot of random things accomplished…like writing this, and reorganizing my closet. 2. I have a weakness for anything with a cute furry little animal on it. 3. I LOVE to decorate for holidays […]

Cute Roulette

Does anyone else primarily use YouTube to watch videos of cute animals doing cute things? Cats in boxes? Dogs in cake bowls? Hands? Well, if you’re anything at all like me, then you’ll love Cute Roulette a website that randomly selects a video of animals acting adorable for your viewing pleasure. A friend emailed me the site […]

Munchkin the Teddy Bear

There is nothing that will brighten your day faster than this little Shih-Tzu dressed in a teddy bear suit, running around in an ewok costume. In the latest installment of cute things to fall in love with, meet Munchkin! Isn’t she the cutest? I’ll wait while you go watch every video on her YouTube channel […]

Cube Dogs

I’ll just start this post off by saying that the Japanese really know where it’s AT when it comes to cute things. They brought us Hello Kitty and Maru. And now, ever the innovators, they are broadening their cute horizons to include animals of the canine variety. It is now a common style for dog lovers […]

Puppies Versus Stairs

Cute things are at their cutest when they can’t really completely control their limbs. They’re still all floppy. They’re uncoordinated, and it’s just too adorable when they attempt to do things and  fail because their bodies won’t cooperate. The Huffington Post article Puppies vs. Stairs: Facing Off for the First Time. You can watch videos […]