Designer Oatmeal

peanut butter banana out


Only in New York City, where anything can be trendy and the most mundane thing becomes a designer item, can the humble oat make up the basis of an entire menu. Oatmeals in Greenwich village is dedicated to all things oat, simultaneously reinventing the old favorite, while emphasizing it as a health choice. It offers comfortable favorites like brown sugar cinnamon raisin, or peanut butter and banana. At the same time, it highlights more adventurous offerings.

The savory list boasts variety like The Cheese Plate featuring Manchego cheese, dried figs, honey and walnuts, or the Bacon Pumpkin bowl. There are breakfast oatmeals, salty dinner oatmeals, and dessert oatmeals. If you’re not in the mood for a steaming bowl of the stuff, try their oatmeal cookies, sandwiches on oatmeal bread, or have a macchiato with some oatmeal biscotti.

If you’re not in NYC, you can take the inspiration, and jazz up your oatmeal at home. The February issue of Self magazine recommends adding nonfat plain Greek yougurt, pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate chips, honey and chia seeds.


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